Parkville Real Estate

  • Median household income: $56,321 (US Census Data – 2015)
  • 2016 Average Sold Price for Homes: $203,360 (

Fall is a great time to visit Parkville’s family-owned and operated Weber’s Cider Mill Farm, for fun with pumpkins, a maze, long slides down a grassy slope, and more.  Enjoy a variety of homemade treats such as pies, cakes, breads, ice cream, fudge, apple cider and doughnuts.  You can even get a farm-fresh turkey there, for your holiday dinner.  Or, come pick your own berries and peaches during the summer at their nearby location, Weber’s PeachBerry Farm.

Parkville is chock full of unique places to visit; you can relax at Vita Revive organic spa, play a spooky round of mini golf under black lights on Monster Mini Golf’s indoor course, hear live music and have some great food at The Barn, visit Double Rock Park, or explore the many other local hidden gems nearby.